You've Lived With Pain Long Enough

Chronic back and neck pain changes your life, but so can a visit to the Memorial Spine Clinic. Our expertly trained team of physicians, therapists, nurses, and support staff will provide you with the compassionate care you deserve and the state-of-the-art treatments you’ve been waiting for. If back pain is keeping you from living the life you deserve, let us help you identify its source and provide treatment options.

About Us

As leaders in the field of spinal care, Memorial Spine Clinic is always pushing the boundaries toward the advancement of solutions for chronic back pain, neck pain, and spinal injuries. Our Spine Clinic is designed to provide highly skilled care for patients who have complex cervical, thoracic, or lumbar spine procedures, including the revolutionary artificial disc implant. We are a full-service Spine Clinic with the most highly trained physicians in the area. We utilize the most cutting-edge technologies, including MRI and computer-assisted stereotactic navigation that identifies the location of tumors with improved accuracy. This allows us to ensure a more precise surgical experience and outcome for each of our patients.

Our hands-on personal care includes:

  • Evaluation of the problem and associated medical risk (extensive interviews, physical exams, reviews of prior test results, and additional testing if needed)
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment, including physical therapy, rehabilitation medicine, anesthesia pain management, medical pain management, psychological evaluation, and rheumatology evaluation to provide appropriate non-operative care
  • Surgery: The most technologically advanced spine surgery techniques, including minimally invasive operations, microscopic diskectomies and decompressions, spinal fusions with instrumentation of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spines, tumor removal, adult deformity correction, and artificial disk replacements in the neck.
  • Final recommendations regarding physical limitations, exercise recommendations, use of medications, and expectations regarding chronic symptoms.